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Welcome to Kuponze.com

The ultimate vision for this website is to become a premier shopping source for the best coupon offers available anywhere. Originally conceived through research and market analysis, Kuponze was literally born from an Ecommerce web development project for a college course. My aim is to provide a platform in which businesses can post free coupon offers in their area, and not have to pay such a high commission to do so.

With that being said, I don’t intend to have a completely free website here. What I do intend is for businesses to be able to offer better coupon offers that are even more attractive to customers, since they don’t have to split such a large portion of the revenue.

I considered developing this website completely offline, and launching it only after it is fully completed, but decided to go a different route. As I develop the site, I will be blogging my way towards completion and announcement of official launch. Please head over to my blog page for the latest news and developments.